For our 20th Violet Sessions episode I have switched things up a little.

I have new intro music by one of my favourite bands, Woman’s Hour (such a great name for a band) and I’m now doing the podcast solo as my ex co-host Danielle Radojcin moves on to focus on her family and other ventures. The pods will have a slightly new focus as well. I am still talking to inspirational, creative, professional women, but we are opening up together and talking about food, lifestyle and how we live today. The podcast has always been a place for me to get out of the kitchen and into the hearts and minds of all the amazing women that I meet because of Violet.

I’d love to hear from you on Violet Sessions’ Instagram about the podcast and who you’d like to hear me talk to! Thanks and happy listening xx

“If you put a nice olive oil on the table, salt, pepper… It’s fun to see how people actually season their food”. In this episode, Nadine Levy Redzepi, an enthusiastic home cook and mother of three girls, sits down with Claire Ptak to talk about her first book Downtime: Deliciousness at Home, cooking at home with her family, and what it is like having spent most of her adult life working with her husband René Redzepi, chef-patron of the multi-award-winning restaurant Noma.

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