“It’s not about being a woman – it’s about being the best at the job that you can be.” Sony’s Music’s Julie Weir, one of the most respected figures in the rock and heavy music industry, sits down with Danielle Radojcin and Claire Ptak to talk about a career which spans nearly three decades, from working in a record shop in Leeds aged 18, to running club nights, to starting her own music label, Visible Noise, in West London in the 90s, to her current role as head of Music for Nations. She discusses how she survived the Lostprophets scandal, her subsequent success, and her thoughts about being a woman working in music today. Along the way she’s worked with Lady Gaga, Blitz Kids and Fearless Vampire Killers among others, sat on the board of the Independent Music Awards and was one of the first inductees at the Women in Music Awards.

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