Since our debut episode with sci-fi artist Lucy McRae and documentary film-maker Lotje Sodderland (listen here), our podcast series, Violet Sessions, has provided a new platform to interview inspiring and pioneering women.

A collaboration between the journalist Danielle Radojcin and myself, we will have monthly events with a studio audience with some of the most impressive women we know. We will also have a handful of other interviews throughout the month in a more intimate setting, alongside the clatter of coffee cups at Violet.


Photo credit: Thomas Lohr

Late last year we had our second event upstairs at Violet with Penny Martin, editor of The Gentlewoman. We invited a few of our friends and Penny invited a few of hers. We had a chat over quiche, radishes, toasted almonds and Cava.

Penny spoke about the experience of starting The Gentlewoman in 2010, the very same year that Violet opened its doors. Penny discussed working with Zadie Smith, and Zadie’s experience of finding creative headspace while parenting. She talked about the unique experience of interviewing Celine’s Phoebe Philo, and her own concept of ‘soft glamour’. You can listen to the full conversation here.


Photo credit: Paul Wetherall

In December, Danielle and I met with art director, illustrator and animator Jo Ratcliffe. Jo – who I first met walking our dogs in London Fields – also lives and works in East London. Growing up in Slough, Jo escaped to study at Central St Martins, honed her craft at Hasbro and later went on to work on project for Inez and Vinoodh, Vogue and Louis Vutton among others. After spending some time in American, Jo is back in London with a new app featuring a range of feminist emojis – Femojis. You can listen to our conversation with Jo here.

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