Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

I posted this photo on instagram and you all liked it a LOT! So I think it deserves an explanation.

After a food styling job the other day I was left with a loaf of sliced white bread. Something that as a child, I was NEVER allowed. My sandwiches were always on whole wheat bread.┬áIt’s amazing to me that as this loaf sat in my kitchen, it started to haunt me. I’m a grown woman who owns a cake bakery for God’s sake. But white bread is a no-no. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, yet I felt guilty breaking into it. I tried to ignore it but when I woke up the next morning, it was the first thing I thought about.

I have recently been testing some peanut butter cookie recipes and have a jumbo jar of Skippy in my cupboard. I also had a jar of very special passionfruit jelly from a recent trip to Paris. The three ingredients were made for one another, so before I knew it I was making one of the best snacks of all time. Cutting the crusts off at the end seemed fitting in order to make this soft, creamy, sweet and tart little sandwich into a true slice of Americana.

I don’t really think I will be buying white bread like this often but when you want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off, it really does taste better.

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  1. victoria says:

    a friend of mine has a very similar story to you, never had white bread growing up and then never chose to as an adult. she has three children now, the eldest in secondary school and they were never given white bread. one year her eldest, for his 7th birthday had a party and it included fairy bread (white bread with butter and coloured sprinkles). the next day before school her son was very quiet and clearly preoccupied by something. when she pressed him, asking what was wrong, he said “mum i know white bread is bad for us, but just this once, could i have my school lunch on some of the leftover party bread.” at that moment my friend wondered if perhaps she hadn’t been a little too heavy handed…

  2. Lisa Green says:

    I like the idea being shared. I will try it definitely and i would like to know is it really tasty however it looks yummy. Me too never had white bread. I am always on the wheat and oat bread since childhood. But now, i am thinking to have a bite of it ….

  3. Jenny says:

    Perfect snack. And I’m off to go and make one for myself right now.

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