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  1. nicole says:

    Hello! This is quite random, but I met your dad in Inverness last month (via my lovely in-laws who live out there) and he directed me to your site … and so I’ve spent the last 1/2-hour or so happily salivating over all your delicious-looking treats. London’s sort of a far-off dream at the moment, but I hope the next time I can make it over there I will be able to partake! Enjoy the fall-

  2. Lovely! I wrote about you on my last post on The Travel Eater blog: http://www.thetraveleater.com/2011/11/gorgeous-oddity-in-hackney-boadway.html
    and at the label “cupcake” you’ll find many pictures of you! I hope you’ll like and appreciate it! 😀 😀 Let me know!

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