Last week in my shop, a very polite and soft-spoken woman asked if she could take a few photos in my shop after she finished eating a cupcake. I used to feel really uncomfortable about people snapping lots of photos at my stall. It felt like an invasion of my privacy a little, you know? But hey! Relax! My mantra is “release the pressure, release the control”. Let people do what they need to do and something good might come out of it, right?

Well it turns out that the lovely woman with the big camera is the blogger: This is Naive. Her post about my shop is beautiful. Her photos are inspired (I have borrowed them here). I’m thrilled. Check out her blog, it is so great. A little about food, a little about travel and a lot about things she finds to be beautiful.

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9 Responses to “This girl takes a mean photograph”

  1. melanie says:

    This is Naive is a lovely blog! One of my favourites. Congrats on the bakery! I am a long time fan of your stall on broadway and your delicious cakes. I’m really looking forward to visiting the bakery.

  2. I found you at the market last summer, and was so delighted to find you again through Tommy’s blog. How pleasing to realize you were in Berlin this February too!

  3. Tommy says:

    Very grateful to be allowed to take so many pictures of the store. Thank you, Claire! It looks like a labour of love and is so nicely put-together, definitely a joy to photograph.

  4. freddie says:

    hey clare – super cute … nice job xx

  5. sopchan says:

    Inspired by Tommy’s pics and the ginger molasses cake I bought before Christmas, I had to come to your shop for some delicious post-birthday breakfast The galette was lovely 🙂

  6. jennchic says:

    hi claire,
    i just finished an internship at chez and am starting a lil baking business of my own starting at a farmer’s market, but in canada, not in london. take a peek at my blog, it may take you down memory lane…or a rabbit hole to “wonder in alice-land”. great to discover your treats. they are ever so beautiful and very inspiring.
    thank you!

  7. Seamus says:

    That top picture of your store is absolutely beautiful.

  8. Tristan says:

    I meant to post on this page but scrolled too far down. So you will be my ‘so that’s what’s upstairs’ comment on another page.

    I live over the road in the old school buildings and have popped in a couple of times for a cupcake. I was wondering if you can recommend any of your cakes that are less sweet than the others.


  9. oh that was so nice of her and the pictures are subtle but with a big impact. im going to link this blog to my blog page, hope you dont mind

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