Well… we are nearly ready to open.

Ana icing cupcakes in the new kitchen

It has been blood, sweat and tears but the space is just about ready!!
I keep being teased by friends as I continually say we will be open “in two weeks”.
But that is the truth! I think it’s going to open in two weeks and then something happens like the oven doesn’t turn on (or off!) or a door needs replacing or a dishwasher needs repair. I know these things will go on and on, but it needs to feel like everything is ready for the opening. At least for that day!

I did inaugurate the space last Thursday with a small supper with a great friend and former colleague who is visiting from California. After 16 years as chef at Chez Panisse and 5 years as chef and proprietor of Eccolo Chris Lee and his awesome wife and landscape artist Janet Hankinson are traveling and consulting. Janet was incredible helping me source things and design the space to get it ready for our first event. She and Christopher worked tirelessly for two weeks and what a success it was. The food! Oh my God it was delish. Just so there isn’t any confusion, I’m NOT opening a restaurant. Violet will be a cake bakery where you can buy cakes and have a cup of tea, filter coffee or a juice and a savoury bite such as an asparagus tart. I will keep you posted on special events and can’t wait for you to check it all out.

Here are some photos.

Squab cooked over a hole with treviso salad

dining room

Janet's dining room

Yorkshire rhubarb tarts

putting Henry's flowers on the salad

Henry and Jemima hours before the birth of baby Johnny x

See you at the shop very soon… in two weeks!!

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  2. soli says:

    Claire! how great!congrats….looks totally beautiful….must feel amazing!x

  3. EP says:

    I can’t wait to see Violet Cakes this summer.

  4. EP says:

    Forgot to ask: will you be doing a Secret Supper in June? Bryan H. wants to know since he will be in London the early part of the month.

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