The new sign is on the wall

We have had two consecutively hot days! Two!

I mean it’s not hot by most standards, but in London when the sun comes out so do the short shorts and micro minis. I love it. People drive with the windows down, blasting out the tunes and people actually smile at each other in the street! It’s amazing.

All of the blossoms are out and the city is restless. London Fields was full of revelers enjoying their BBQ’s and take away food from Broadway Market yesterday, I only wish they would pick up after themselves. It was a sad sight this morning when children attempted to play football/soccer amongst the crushed beer cans and hundreds of plastic bags. I was really upset by that. I sure hope there weren’t any cupcake wrappers out there contributing to the detritus.

Seriously guys, can’t we do better????

On another note, it was a joy to see so many of my customers and friends out at the market yesterday and really can’t wait to open the doors of VIOLET so that we can eat treats and drink delicious filter coffee and delicate leaf teas all week!

The tentative date is May 1st


3 Responses to “Blossoms blossoms everywhere”

  1. EP says:


    I just read Alice Waters’ new book, “In the Green Kitchen” with the great photo of you and such nice compliments! I especially like this quote from Alice: “Claire Ptak is an intractable idealist in the kitchen and a perfectionist after my own heart. She was a pastry chef at Chez Panisse before she moved to London, where she opened what she describes as a ‘little cake business,’ a market stall called Violet Cakes, where she sells the purest, simplest desserts imaginable. In the kitchen, her meticulousness, gracefulness, and attention to detail remind me of an Olympic gymnast.”

  2. Stuart says:

    As you are so close to a polling booth, I wonder if you will be doing party coloured cupcakes on Thursday to allow people to exercise their democratic right (to stuff their faces).

  3. EP says:

    I vote for Violet!!

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