our kitchen, painted

We have moved in most of the equipment and are practicing in the kitchen this week!

Did you see it before?

culam with his saw in the early stages

Can’t wait to be up and running. Tasted filter coffees yesterday with my friends opening a shop near Tottenham Court Road. You have to be careful, that stuff can make you high!

The treats you taste this week at the market will have been produced in our cute new (to us) oven you see above. We are still waiting to get our convection oven…

I love the colour of the floor which we had to paint twice because the first colour was horrendous!

We painted outside too!!

damian on the brush


Sorry about all the exclamation marks, can you tell I’m excited!!!???

2 Responses to “Almost there…”

  1. Naja says:

    Wow, it’s gonna be great! Keep the photos coming, i’m excited for you too!

  2. Joséphine says:

    Hi Claire!
    The before/after is amazing! Your oven look very nice too with the vintage touch! What brand is it? Have it been finally replaced by a new one?
    I love the pictures of your shop by This is naive 🙂

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