marshmallow cupcakes YUM!

I have taken a break from photographing my customers in order to show you a little of the goings on at Violet on Wilton Way, sorry if it bores you…

lady gaga on the radio

There is SO much to do when you are opening a business.

Permits,painting, plumbing, electricity, phones, internet, choosing colours, sanding,sourcing, building, demolishing, ordering, canceling, the list goes on. it makes it hard to breath.

Best friend ever! Aidan is back again this weekend doing some fine painting and keeping it prana in his and his wife’s line of super cute yoga gear, BuddhaMonkey – x They are even planning to have stuff for your pets to stretch in! Where do they find the time?

I would also just like to thank the men of Chilango for bringing good burritos to London. If you are from California you are aware of the craving, like none other in the world, for a burrito. Though I think Chilango has to get rid of that basmati rice and go for long grain, it still hits the spot every time.


burritos and beer, oh yeah

There is quite a lot of anxiety attached to this project, but I tell myself to just keep breathing (through respirators) and keep thanking my incredible husband and friends for helping.


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  1. tommy says:

    Will be there when it opens. Preview of shop is interesting, more process pictures please!

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