Happy New Year guys. I look forward to hearing all about your Christmas dinners and New Year’s parties. Some very sweet customers have sent me lovely messages about the Christmas Puddings and Christmas Cakes they purchased from me this year. Keep them coming! I love it. x

A happy Christmas Cake customer x

A happy (albeit serious) Christmas Cake customer x

So it’s totally freezing out there and I can’t ask the girls to stand outside all day at the market for me in these conditions, now can I? Plus you are all on a cleanse probably. No wheat, no meat, no sweet, right? Follow healthy eating regimes now so you can treat yourselves when we open back up.

VIOLET has gone on a brief hiatus for the first half of January to rest up, warm our tootsies, and contemplate 2010.

We re-open on Saturday the 23rd of January. xx

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  1. Tricia says:

    The Christmas Cake was totally wonderful. Our Christmas’ will never be complete without a Violet Cake.Thanks. Enjoy your break.

  2. Thank you for your help!

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