Saturday was bustling at the market and everyone seemed to be getting into the spirit of the holidays. I strung up some Christmas baubles and made a display of Christmas cakes and Christmas Puddings in anticipation of the hordes that would descend after our lovely mention in theĀ Times last Thursday.

It was freezing out there though! I was given a leopard print furry jacket for my birthday from Damian but it didn’t fit, so it went back to Zara and I had to resort to the ol’ North Face. There were quite a few cats walking around the market and buying cupcakes yesterday. But this girl, a VIOLET regular, wore hers the best. Plus she had the coolest basket. They were both so sweet to let me take their photo too. Thanks girls! xx

My cute customers x

My cute customers x

3 Responses to “VIOLET and Leopard Print”

  1. Alison says:

    Hello Violet,

    Your Chocolate Flourless Cake is delicious. I had to share that tiny piece with 3 people who also thought it’s topnotch! I regretted not getting the cherry one.

    Will come again!


  2. EP says:

    Brrr, but I would brave the cold to get a few Violet cupcakes, too! Can’t wait to try the Christmas cake.

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